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Lebowsk-e 10

The fat tires on the Lowbowsk-e are great for cruising on the beach giving a soft ride in town.

Price: $5,799.00

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A no nonsense 29er makes going uphill as much fun as downhill. Almost..

Price $4,499.00

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Sport-e 95

As a step through or standard diamond frame, the sport 95-e is a well balanced bike for bot errands and long rides.

Price Price $3,699.00

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Agile and smooth. The Dual-e 10 has shocks both front and rear plus a dropper seat. Top components all around.

Price $5,799.00

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Versa-e's distinguished look and step through frame is perfect for city riding but is light, fast and responsive for long rides.

Price $3,699.00

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